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How does PPC differ from SEO?

Search Engine Marketing and SEM

SEO and PPC are a form of marketing known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Both generate business from people performing searches, typically looking for those who need to buy a product or service.

The Google PPC Perspective

Google is the world’s largest online traffic and lead generator with its Google Ads (PPC) platform generating over $250 billion in revenue per annum – much more than Facebook (Instagram and Snapchat), LinkedIn, and Twitter combined.

PPC Pros and cons

PPC Services are often seen as a faster, more reliable, and controllable way of earning traffic and sales from a search engine than from organic traffic. SEO requires a different skill set where the position is controlled by Google’s algorithm and competes with millions of other websites. It’s not easy to control and many businesses struggle with SEO.

PPC however, has a lot more control – as long as the customer has the right budget, quality score, and conversion engine.

Main Differences between PPC and SEO

Concept, Attribute or SEO PPC
Time to launch Weeks and months Minutes to hours
Turnaround Time Hours to weeks Seconds to minutes
Multi-term ranking Difficult to accidental A simple change in matching
Time to number 1 Days, months, and years Minutes to hours
Measurable CPA Yes Yes
Scalable CPA per $ No – little or no correlation Yes


A/B testing No Yes
Ease of switching domain Difficult Easy
Price of traffic From Free From $1
Qualifications (from Google) No Yes
Full view of user keywords No (limited) Yes
Keyword to visit tracking No Yes
Can scale up/down No Yes
Ease of switching keywords Difficult Very Easy

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