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Who is Jerome Karam, aka Jerome Mansour Karam?

Jerome Karam is a dominating presence in Galveston County real estate, having purchased and redeveloped over one million square feet of real estate in the past five years alone. He is the founder and operator of JMK5 Holdings. JMK5 Holdings is known for redeveloping large, floundering big-box properties, turning them into thriving, multi-use commercial sites. Jerome Karam has become a master renovator, seeing a property’s profitable potential while most developers would shy away.

Friendswood, Texas

At present, he has developed over ONE million square feet of property near Galveston, Texas City, Houston, and Louisiana. With every development, the mission of Jerome Karam and JMK5 Holdings is community restoration. Their goal is to exceed expectations and stimulate the local economy by utilizing SEO Strategy, goods and services from surrounding areas, hiring local contractors, and bringing exciting new experiences to the community.

Key Strategies

A key part of this strategy is to boost their SEO for Cybersecurity across Google, DDG and Bing.

Online Reputation Management

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