SEO Agency NYC

The Best PPC Consultants

Our Search Marketing program encompasses typical questions often asked by both experienced and those who are new to digital marketing:

PPC Keyword Research Consultants

  • Do you have all of the right SEO keywords?
  • What should be in PPC and what should be in Organic?
  • What about branded search – to buy or not to buy?
  • What domain names should I own and use?
  • What is Quality Score and why should it matter?

Brand and Reputation Management in PPC

  • Is my brand established? How do I protect it?
  • How do I manage my Online Reputation SEO?
  • How can I effectively target competitor brands?

PPC Optimization

  • I need to spend less money per keyword
  • I need more transactions
  • I need a better CPA
  • I need to find more keywords that buy
  • I want to expand my operations
    • E.g. from the USA to the EU or vice versa
  • What tools do I need to improve tracking and visibility
  • Should I outsource PPC to an agency or not?