SEO for the Cybersecurity Industry


As with any B2B marketing, especially technology related, cybersecurity brings many complex nuances, terms, concepts, constructs and acronyms that may sound like a distinct codified language. Primary Position is a technology company founded by software engineers. We’ve seen some of our best campaign success stories in the area of cybersecurity.

What separates B2B tech from other B2B and B2C campaigns is how people research, evaluate and understand terminology. Search marketing agencies’ B2C campaigns – even the ones that are wildly successful – simply don’t work the same way for tech. For example, if a business is selling Rolex watches online, the person creating the pay-per-click campaign for terms like “rolex for sale” or “cheap rolex online” certainly doesn’t have to be a highly-skilled watchmaker. They don’t have to do vast amounts of research on watches in order to determine the basic search terms.

In B2B however, basic search terms like “SaaS” or “cloud” aren’t really used by seasoned IT experts. They’re the terms used to engage people in management or at the executive level.

Technical people search for specific technical terms. An Application Architect knows what a WAF is, but if they want a WAF that is jointly available in two different clouds, they will search for “AWS WAF” and “Azure WAF.” While WAF might stand for Web Application Firewall, they are not actual firewalls and will often need a firewall to accompany them. Similarly, many firewalls have load balancing services, but they are generally pretty awful at application load balancing.

Using this small sampling of keywords as an example, there are many non-technical PPC managers who will mistakenly use Google-suggested key phrases like “cloud firewall,” “network router,” and “load balancer” in their search campaigns.This is a huge waste of their clients’ money.

Primary Position isn’t a PPC/SEO or SEM agency. We are a technology company builder. Several of our technology clients have experienced $300m+ acquisitions in the past two years, including one we started working with nine years ago during a Series A funding round with Edison Partners. 

If your PPC & SEO campaigns aren’t working for you, it’s because you’re not working with the right agency. And you’re wasting money. If you want successful B2B tech campaigns, you need to work with experienced industry insiders who know the language. You need to work with us.

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