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How do you add Users to Google Search Console?

It’s very easy to add users to a property on Google Search Console as long as your account has enough permissions.

GSC Security

In GSC, there are 2 user types: owners and users. Each type has different permissions and capabilities within Google Search Console.

Google Search Console Permissions

  • Owners: Have full control over a property in Search Console. They can add and remove users, configure settings, view all data, and use all tools. A property must have at least one verified owner, otherwise no users will have access. There are two types of owners:
    • Verified owner: Someone who verified ownership of the property using a token, like an uploaded HTML file.
    • Delegated owner: Someone granted ownership status by a verified owner without using a verification token.
  • Users: Have limited access to a property, depending on the permissions granted by an owner. There are two types of users:
    • Full user: Has view rights to all data and can take some actions.
    • Restricted user: Has limited view rights on most data.

Additionally, there’s another user type called associates. Unlike regular users, associates cannot directly access Search Console data, but they can perform specific actions on your behalf, like submitting a reconsideration request. The specific actions and permissions they have depend on the type of association.

Steps to Adding a User to GSC

Step 1: Click on the settings cog

Google Search Console Settings








Step 2: Click “Users and Permissions”

GSC Users and Permissions - Add a User










Step 3: Click “Add User”

Google Search Console - "Add User" Button



Step 4: Add User and Permissions using their email address

Add User - Step 4