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What is Google Search Console (GSC)?

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is an SEO Tool provided by Google to help Website owners, managers, and marketers (especially SEO Managers and Consultants) to manage their website’s technical performance in Google. Google Search Console provides users with:

  • Organic Search Impression and Click Data
  • Organic Positions for search queries
  • Clicks and impressions for Pages
  • Page Index Status
  • A Page Inspector
  • Warnings for Spam or Malware
  • Ability to upload Sitemaps in XML
  • An ability to remove pages from Google
  • An ability to see the crawl rate
  • Health and Technical errors
  • Mobile and User Experience Data

Bing Webmaster Tools is the Microsoft Bing equivalent and you can compare features between Bing and GSC here.