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What is a Position 0?

Google’s Position 0

“Position 0”, also “Position Zero”,  is a colloquial and industry term (specific to the SEO industry) for the very first organic position situated above the Question/Knowledge panel, officially called a “Featured Snippet” by Google, is the name given to organic results that appear above the organic Position 1 in seo results, often looking like this:

Advanced Snippet or position 0 in Google SEO

Where does Position 0 originate from?

Position 0, to preserve Position 1, is the organic placement that appears below the Google Ad positions (typically Position 3) and organic Position 1. Position 0 is often a much bigger result, can include a Question, Knowledge, or Answer Panel, and is frequently the focus for SEOs around the world. Since January 2020, Advanced Snippets are no longer repeated in the regular top 10 search results on Page 1. Position 0 is typicall a claim to fame for many Google SEO Experts.


How do you get a Position 0?

Position 0s are reserved for the very best answers to questions – usually brief content or sections identifiable within an article work best.

What Click-Through-Rate (CTR) does position 0 get?

Position 0’s see up to 8% of all clicks – which is a significant % when compared with Google Ads that fall below position 1.