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SEO Lead Generation With Google

Digital Strategy Lead Generation in Google

Google sends 8X the traffic of all Social Networks combined (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snap, Pinterest, etc), and 50% of all online sales start with a Google search – excluding all of the lifetime leads already captured by sites like Amazon and eBay. This Makes Google the undisputed champion of SEO Lead Generation Services.

Targeted traffic: Inbound Marketing

Almost all other forms of marketing interrupt or disturb the user, especially advertising (with the exception of Paid Search or Google Ads). With search. people searching for specific keywords are often ready to buy or engage, making them qualified leads and making Search superior, versus annoying people who aren’t interested aren’t looking or already have a solution.

Free Leads Online

SEO is Organic and sustainable: Once optimized, your website can attract free traffic over time without ongoing paid advertising costs, providing long-term impact. While it may take time for some to see results, good SEO practices have lasting benefits.

How to generate leads online

Build a killer SEO strategy and then execute it. Match it with a focused PPC campaign and start testing landing pages and messages.

Create an Online Leads Database

SEO allows you to connect Google traffic to your website and lead forms, which then populate your CRM solution and fill your sales pipeline inbox.

B2B SaaS Lead Generation

Google and SEO are a killer combination for B2B SaaS companies: As companies increase their digital transformation, the need to become smarter and leaner is ever present – and the only way to research these products is via Search, making Google the undisputed champion of B2B lead generation. With social media mostly trying to entertain people, especially non-buyers, brands outside of Google and Bing are often just wasting their time. Many aggregator platforms like Capterra and Clutch have tried to fill this spot but give too little information for buyers to make informed decisions.

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