SEO Agency NYC

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is part of a marketing strategy that works to generate web traffic and subsequently leads from search engines without paying for clicks or visits. As SEO has grown and matured, it often encompasses the entirety of a website-based digital marketing program, from architecture, content mapping and planning, keyword research, brand and profile development, reputation management, and innovating new ideas to capitalize on human search behaviors. SEO can include the deployment and utilization of satellite sites, Wiki/Information sites, and web forums, targeting competitors using comparison information, different media from images to video, testing content, and improving iteratively while constantly updating their keyword database and ranking profile to grow traffic, opportunities, and revenue.

SEO Managers use SE Ranking Report tools and Organic Traffic clicks as their leading indicators to report on performance and a wide array of tools and data sources to do keyword research. A top SEO has over 200+ tactics to deploy in different scenarios to help their clients gain an unrivaled edge over the competition.