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What SEO Services do our New York Services team provide?

SEO Services in New York
SEO Services NY

From our HQ in Manhattan, we are building a leadership team center of excellence that focuses on providing the best in advanced SEO strategies. Our NY SEO team is responsible for designing all of our advanced SEO programs, including our B2B SEO Services program.

One of the many myths and misconceptions surrounding SEO is that “SEO is all about taking time.” While its true that SEO isn’t as fast as PPC, it also shouldn’t languish for months without movement either. We can provide faster, rapid SEO services especially in cases of crisis or an SEO Emergency.

Keyword Research

The best Keyword Research starts with competitor analysis and then mapping out the customer buying journey. We then look at the following data:

  • Competitor Organic Ranking
  • Competitor Paid Search
  • Adjacent Data
  • Reddit conversations
  • Google Ad Data
  • SEMrush Keyword Research using AI

This gives us the digital customer buying journey, which we call the Keyword Universe. We track these in specialized Search Engine Rank Positions reports which give us details on what position in Google search each keyword is at and logs a history of positions. Our aim to get these to first place or primary position. Once Keywords get here, we graduate them out, and call our focus keywords the “Priority Group.”

Keyword Prioritisation

We break keywords into distinct groups for better tracking and visibility

  • Competitive
  • Informative
  • Priority
  • Awareness
  • Discovery
  • LeadGen

Content Strategy

Once we have a comprehensive Keyword Universe, we build out our content strategy – mapping each research step, topic and adjacent point of interest along the way. Mapping by keyword difficulty and Authority score, we help our clients build their way to the top, with each content gaining more positions and gaining more web leads.

Google Business Profile/My Business

We provide a comprehensive Google My Business listing management for all of our clients.


YouTube, the worlds second largest search engine, is critical for B2B SEO. YouTube is a channel and a platform – hosting videos and viewers, allowing people to be educated and entertainged. YouTube videos also rank prominently in organic Desktop and Mobile Google Search – another way to increase visibility. At Primary Position we can accelerate ranking (i.e. rank brands faster) via YouTube and this helps test out and block competitors from stealing ICP views.

Off-Site SEO Services

Building links and visibility – getting the word out about your website.

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