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What is a Search Engine Optimization Service


Our team of SEO specialists are trained to understand Search Engine Optimization and can optimize websites for search engines. Search engine optimization (also called ‘SEO’) is about presenting information on your website so that the Search Engines are able to know what your website is about.

We work using a variety of strategies to fully optimize your site. A good optimizer should have a good understanding of the main search engines, how websites work when selling to multiple countries and the impact SEO has on this and how to implement your keywords. They should also cover the basic search engine submission service.

Above this, a professional optimizer should know how to properly research keywords and how to track and report on your site’s performance. An SEO campaign that just relies on keyword selection and inserting these into your site isn’t much of a service. Keywords that are related to your products will grow as people use them in different combinations. A recently optimized site will have to wait until it’s been indexed. And the effect on the PageRank and ranking of the site for those keywords may not become evident for weeks or months, therefore website owners should look for someone who can continually monitor and check the website’s progress in the search engines, and can change the keywords and pages accordingly. This will help grow your website’s rankings in search engines.

SEO is fast becoming a professional industry where SEO-DIY enthusiasts are finding it harder and harder to keep up. SEO is becoming a technical, professional service – and offers a fully optimized service that is measurable! If you can’t measure something – you can’t manage it!

Elements of an SEO Sevice

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the starting point of a great SEO Strategy and the keystone for success in Search based lead generation

Measuring: KPIs, Metrics, and Reports

Establishing the right metrics and being able to measure, record and compare is as vital as your ongoing content strategy. We tailor our SEO reports for each project and agree metrics with the Marketing leadership at our clients:

  • Organic Traffic and Impressions
  • Ranking with Search Engine Rank Reports
  • Google Looker Dashboards

Please use our site to find SEO tips, and techniques and to make contact with our SEO consultants and optimizers who provide link building, rank reporting on website rankings and positions in the search engines, submit and maintain your site and report back regularly on rankings growth, website visitor changes and other milestones achieved as part of the search engine optimization and placement program.

Our Agency offers SEO Strategy, consulting, advice, and management from our offices in the USA and EU.