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How to use SEMRush for Keyword Research

SEMRush’s Keyword Research Overview

SEMRush is an SEO suite that features a number of SEO tools from SERP Tracking, HTML Health Checks, Backlinks Analysis and Social Media Posting. It also has an extensive suite of Keyword Research Tools and keyword management tools.

SEMRush Keyword Research Tools

There are 4 primary methods to use SEMrush to do Keyword Research:

  • Query SEMRush’s keyword database
    • See search phrases, volumes, and estimated CPC
    • See Questions
    • View broad, phrase, and exact match
  • Competitor Research
    • What organic keywords do your competitors rank for
    • What paid keywords are they buying

How Big Is the SEMRush Database?

In 2019, according to Semrush, its database contained over:

  • 142 geographic databases
  • 21,1 Billion keyphrases
  • 808 million websites and domains
  • 500 TB of raw website traffic data for 190 countries and regions
  • Over 43 trillion backlinks
  • And 1 billion Google Ads

Use a variety of keyword research tools because no one keyword research tool is perfect. By using a variety of tools, you can get a more comprehensive view of the keywords that are relevant to your business. For beginners, keyword research can take time, so don’t expect to find the perfect keywords immediately – you need to experiment with high KD and low KD keywords in different indices to gauge their complexity.. Keep learning. The world of SEO is constantly evolving and make sure to keep up with the latest trends and best practices with Google.