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What is a Featured Snippet?

A featured snippet (aka Position 0) is an expanded organic position that appears above the FAQ/Knowledge panel and all other organic search results in Google. It is considered a highly vaulted and highly prized position and as close to Google Ads with a much bigger footprint (Ad Size) than most Google Ads or Organic Results. Many companies value their SEO presence or identity on how many and how competitive these positions are.

Close to Number 1 – aka the “Primary Position”

The featured snippets are called “Position Zero” because they sit above the traditional spot and are only for elevated results. They also sit above the “clickless” results like the Info panel, FAQ or People Also Ask, and close to the ad positions.

How to get a Featured Snippet?

Featured Snippets are reserved for the very best answers to questions – usually brief content or sections identifiable within an article work best. The featured snippet is considered the very best result and is usually difficult to displace.

What click-through rate (CTR) does a Featured Snippet get?

Featured Snippets see up to 8% of all clicks – which is a significant % when compared with Google Ads that fall below position 1.

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