Professional Review – HubSpot

Hubspot seems to be a very well marketed company. Within different groups of online marketeers (often fractious and fragmented though it may sometimes appear to be) – Hubspot’s own marketing is pretty often respected. Their online guides are shared and often emulated, their infographics are the darlings of social media and their research is quite […]

Investing in the wrong things

Resources are scarce and if you’re a creative marketer, or businessman or an artist you have to ask your self some serious questions at the start of any worthwhile project. What are you going to invest in and why? ANd then you have to commit to that idea. We all have experiences though of investing […]

Are you Tofu or Steak?

Tofu is bland and innoffensive. It’s a protein replacement that you can have and your conscience won’t be prcked about eating an animal. It’s renewable and environmentally friendly. It can be flavoured to taste (somewhat) like meat or indeed anything at all really. Steak tastes fantastic. Some people don’t like it though. Some don’t like it because […]

Online Marketing – lets get back to basics

Ok, Online marketing – I’m interested – but where do I start? The best place to start is to hang back and take stock of how you already use the Internet if you do at all. The Internet provides opportunityfor consumers and businesses for a number of reasons, and not necessarily all at the same […]

Viral Marketing is ok if you know what it is

There has been much ado about Viral marketing over the last few years since the explosion of social sharing. If you have a viral marketing hit then it can seem beneficial in the short term, but how beneficial? Double edged sword IT is important to remember though that viral marketing can be a double edged […]

Bad clients are like heroin addicts

A heroin addict will tell you they love you and then when you’re back is turned they’ll rob your wallet/purse. They’re only after one thing. If you have a client that sucks up your time and pays badly, then they’re not interested in you and thinking that you can solve it by being a better […]